Apartment4you s.c. Terms of tenancy

Kolejowa 45/7

01-210 Warszawa

NIP 521-349-33-25

REGON 141470736






1. The following Terms and Conditions of tenancy apply to the rules of renting apartments from Apartment4you s.c. at ul.Kolejowa 45/7  in Warsaw. The act of making the booking, signing the registration card or making a prepayment or full payment for the booking declares the agreement to the terms of tenancy. 


2. All guests must keep to the terms of the contract.


3. Regulations of Apartment4you can be viewed at the office located in Warsaw at Kolejowa 45/7, as well as in every single apartment and additionally on the webiste.




1. Every apartment presented in the offer can be booked for hotel days.


2. Check in starts at 2 pm at the day of the arrival and check out hour last until 11 am at the day of the departure. If guest will not inform Apartment4you about the exact duration of the rental it will be ruled out as a one day stay. The request to prolong the booking must be declared until 9 am at the day of the departure via telephone or email. Submitted request will be accepted when having availability.


3. If guest does not leave the apartment, leaves belongings or does not return the keys until 11 am this scenario will be ruled out as a prolonging of the stay.


4. Apartment4you reserves the right to refuse the requested prolonging of the booking due to the lack of the payment.





1. Check in, as well as picking up the keys, takes place at the Apartment4you office.


2. Guest must present the employee with a document showing guest's picture and identity. When refusing to do so, Apartment4you employee is obligated to deny guest's admittance to the apartment.


3. Those under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be denied the admittance to the apartment.


4. The registration card is filled out by Apartment4you employee and consists of guest's name, surname, address, personal identity number and personal identity card number. Guest is obligated to sign it which means provided data is correct.


5. Making the booking and the payment, as well as checking in to the apartment means all regulations have been accepted by the tenant.


6. Additional guests may be at the apartment during the hours 7 am - 10 pm. After this period of time, the guests who checked in in the office, are obligated to pay extra for every additional person who has not been previously registered as a resident. The cost will be equivalent to the cost of an additional bed that can be viewed on the website.


7. Apartment4you reserves the right to refuse admittance of the guest who has previously violated the regulations, especially due to causing any damage at the apartment or exposing other people, guests or employees to any harm.


8. Apartment4you reserves the right to ask the guest, while checking in, for a deposit of a 500 pln or to make a pre-authorization of a credit card.


9. During New Year's Eve Apartment4you reserves the right to ask the guest, while checking in, for a deposit of up to 1000 PLN or to make a pre-authorization of a credit card.


10. When cancelling the standard booking later than 24 hours before the check in or when not arriving for the admittance to the apartment in time, the pre-payment will not be reimbursed.


11. The standard booking may be cancelled not later than 24 hours before arrival. Cancellations made after this period of time will be charged with the amount of money equivalent to the first hotel day.


12.When cancelling previously paid booking (credit card, First Data Polcard (online payment)) at least 24 hours before the day of arrival, full amount of payment will be reimbursed via First Data Polcard.


13. When cancelling or changing previously paid booking no reimbursement will be made.


14. If booking is made during a highly requested period of time (big events, holidays, fairs, concerts etc.) Apartment4you reserves the right to charge the guest for the whole amount of the booking before arrival.


15. There is no reimbursement when cancelling the stay during its duration.


16. There is a possibility of changing the dates of the booking not later than 24 hours before arrival and only when Apartment4you can confirm the availability of the apartment.


17. The booking can be made online, via telephone or email.


a) online booking is completed after choosing the apartment and filling in the form. Agreeing to the terms of tenancy is followed by the booking confirmation sent to the guest. When receiving the confirmation it means it has been successfully submitted. 


b) booking via email can take place after sending an email to or via filling the form accessible at "contact". After checking the availability Apartment4you employee will contact the guest via telephone or by sending an email, informing that there is a possibility of making the booking. The feedback from the guest will result in successful booking submission.


c) booking via telephone can be made when contacting Apartment4you's office at +48 22 373 26 26 or +48 510 412 444. After checking the availability the guest will be informed about possible booking results. The confirmation of the booking can be send via email or when making a LAST MINUTE booking via sms or verbally via telephone. All confirmations state the successful booking submission.





1. In exceptional cases such as failure in the building in which booked apartment is located or in the apartment itself, Apartment4you reserves the right to change booked apartment for another one with the same standard or a higher one for the same or lower price. The apartment will be placed in the same or different localization. Apartment4you reserves the right to cancel the reservation when lack of availability occurs. 


2. When faced with force majeure, Apartment4you reserves the right to renounce the contract. This event includes occurrences not caused by Apartment4you that lead to inability to provide guests with an apartment in fear of guests safety and estate.


3. In the even of renouncing the contract, mentioned in add 2 above, Apartment4you will promptly reimburse money paid for the booking but will not make a reimbursement for the period of time previously spent at the apartment.






1. Standard bookings payment specification:


a) At the key pickup in the office (cash only)

b) Bank transfer to Apartment4you s.c. account not later than 72 hours before arrival. It must be received by Apartment4you before the day of check in. 


c) via First Data Polcard website


d) by credit card at the key pickup in the office or via MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order)


2. After making a non-refundable booking the guest will be redirected to a bank transfer 24 website (First Data Polcard). When not proceeding with a payment, after 10 minutes the booking will we automatically cancelled.


3.In case of high occupancy, Apartment4you reserves the right to charge the full booking fee in advance.

4. In the case of a long-term booking (10 nights or more) or in the case of booking several apartments, a prepayment up to 30% of the total amount will be requested. This prepayment should be done in the period of 2 days from making the booking.


5. In case an invoice is needed, it has to be requested when making booking. Otherwise, only a receipt will be issued.





1. Kids under 13 years old must be assisted in the apartments by parents or legal guardians at all times. Guardians are fully responsible for kids' actions, that means covering any material damage as well.


2. Tenants are fully responsible for damage caused in the apartments either by them or by their guests which must result in payment.


3. In case of not following Apartment4you regulations the company can refuse to further accommodate tenants who are obligated to regulate all previous payments, and if needed, payments for any caused damage.


4. When checking out, guest must switch off all lights in the apartments, tvs, taps, electrical and gas safety devices, close the windows and doors with the key and store them in a place where other parties can not reach them.


5. There is a penalty of 150 pln (or 500 pln in case of Select Apartments) for loosing or storing the key to the booked apartment.


6. For loosing or storing key to the underground garage there is a penalty of 100 pln.


7. For loosing or storing wifi router there is a penalty of 400 pln.


8. It is forbidden to throw parties in booked apartments. For not keeping strictly to this rule there is a penalty of 500 pln.


9. In case of the usage of extra paid tv channels or VOD the guest will be charged for the full amount of used services.





1. Apartment4you does not take the responsibility for the things left in the apartment.

2. For each day of failure to collect the notified item, we charge a fee of PLN 49 / day.

3. After 6 months from leaving the items and the lack of contact and information from the owner of these items, Apartment4you hand over the items left for disposal.

4. At the request of the guest, it is possible to send items, for a fee, to the address provided.




1. Residents must abide by 10 pm - 7 am quite hours.


2. During quiet hours residents must respect other tenant's tranquility. If not obeying the regulations guest can be asked to leave the apartment with no reimbursement. 





1. Guests have the right to file a complaint when being faced with poor service and accommodation quality.


2. All complaint must be presented in person in Apartment4you's office, via email or telephone.


3. Complaints must be filed immediately after noticing negligence.





1. Pets are not accepted. There might be some exceptions where Apartment4you staff allows animals in the apartments however at additional expenses of their owners. Tenants who are accommodated with animals are responsible for staff's and other guest's safety. Any damage caused by the animal must be reimbursed by the owner. Pet's litter must by removed by the owner.


2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in apartments, as well as on balconies. Not following this regulation is equivalent to the tenant agreeing on reimbursing the cost of eliminating the smoke odor which is 1.500 PLN.


3. It is forbidden to store any dangerous devices in leased apartments eg. weapons and ammunition, flammable, explosive or illuminating objects.


4. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use any heaters or other electrical devices that are not a part of apartment's original equipment. That excludes chargers and RTV or computer feeders.


5. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use open fire in apartments that includes candles.


6. The Client is obliged to pay special attention to the operating water valves, gas and to electrical appliances.


7. Tenants can not make any major changes in apartments considering equipment or interior, besides minor furniture or equipment movements without causing any danger or issues in usage.


8. Client is agreeing to the usage and storage of his/hers personal data listed on the booking form and on the card which will only be used to produce the contract and further relations between Apartament4you and the Client, fully accordingly to the Polish Statutory Data Protection law of 29 July 1997 (Journal of Laws, 2002, No 101, Item 926). Tenant has the right to ask for an insight of his data and is able to apply any needed changes.


  1. The administrator of personal data provided by the person that makes a reservation via is Apartment4you c.p.
  2. The personal data of a person requesting the reservation are processed based on an agreement and for the purpose to fulfill it, according to the rules stated in the GDPR. Detailed informations about data processing by Apartment4you were included in the privacy policy that can be found on this website: